About Us

Feel the technology in your brand with digital solutions from A to Z.

Who is Magmaton?

Magmaton Technology is a software company established in 2017 to provide a qualified, high-level and accessible service to corporate demands in the field of software, online and offline technologies.

Our services

While providing services in software-centric areas such as online software, offline software, web software; Today, it provides complementary services in the fields of social media strategy and corporate identity design, which are complementary elements in the digitalization process.

Just on time

In this century where even a single second is worth gold, Magmaton Technology delivers its projects on time.


Every project that came out of Magmaton until today; has been completed on the basis of making a contribution to people, brands and the world. 


Magmaton Technology is designed to meet all your needs on your way to digitalization. Single invoice, all services.

Magmaton Technology, putting productivity at the center of its projects, provides services with web site software, e-commerce web software and various integration programs in online software.


In offline software, it prepares programs that will increase the productivity of companies in line with the needs in a customer-oriented manner or develops additional modules for the programs that are currently used but insufficient.


Morever, it offers a different online marketing experience to its customers with location-based algorithmic marketing tools.